Webhook Notification

POST https://yourwebsite.com/page

A POST request will be sent to your webhook URL with all of these values.


Parameter Type Position # Description
secret String Body Always Sent Your secret merchant key. Be sure to verify it matches yours.
id String Body Always Sent Original ID of the order.
email String Body Always Sent Original email of the order.
amount Float Body Always Sent Original amount of the order.
income Float Body Always Sent Earnings after all fees.
metadata String Body If Provided Extra data that was set during payment creation.
status String Body Always Sent Status of the order.


    "secret": "1fd47183-0657-4b52-8441-88ba0a42ce0b",
    "id": "89c9d6dd-e225-4df6-85aa-dd4f785b16d0",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "amount": 5,
    "income": 4.75,
    "metadata": "{"invoice":"12345"}",
    "status": "paid"